Thursday, April 28, 2011

Spring = Sweaters..?

 So, I know that pretty much every single blog in the midwest is complaining about the weather right now..but...ughhhh this weather is so bad. I'm wearing a sweater today(and had to wear a jacket & scarf over it)'s almost MAY!..Okay, I'm good. :) 

But yeah, pretty winter-y outfit today. I've worn this outfit before and I didn't have much time to pick an outfit this morning so I went for something that I knew would work.

Also, a few questions for you guys. Would you like to see any makeup or hair product related posts? Or clothing hauls? I've recently bought a bunch of fun new spring basics, and if any of you are interested in seeing what I got, I can definitely make a post about it! Oh, and I've started using Disqus for my comments. I always love when other bloggers have Disqus because it's so easy to reply to people/comment in general so I thought I'd add it to mine too.

Sweater & Jeggings: TJ Maxx
Tank: Target
Boots: Nordstrom Rack(Brand, Nine West Vintage)

And now a reallly embarrassing but strangely impressive picture of how much I can frown..(I always get at least one picture with a SUPER unflattering face in it. Maybe I should stop making weird faces? haha)


  1. a really great everyday look!! xx

  2. makeup and hair product related posts, yes please!

  3. Who says sweaters can't be sexy? :) A classy color and an old touch, she totally looked fabulous.