Saturday, June 4, 2011

Roomie Shoot #1!

This post is super late. We shot these a week ago. Oops! I knew it was getting ridiculous when I had 3 more outfits already shot, and I hadn't posted these yet, haha. You can definitely tell it was a week ago because the temperatures have changed quite a bit since then. I've been wearing shorts and tanks lately :) Anyways, this was me and Mary's first outfit shoot together! I seriously can not wait til we can shoot each others outfits all the time when we move in together at the end of summer! There's endless awesome locations downtown too, including this park overlooking the lake. We spent the day eating delicious food(refer to tempura snap peas & cupcakes below..YUM), browsing some shops, and taking each others photos! It was a blast.

Mary looking adorable as usual :) 
..Can you tell how insanely windy is was in the next 2 pictures? haha.
Blazer: H&M
Tank, Jeans, & Jewelry: Forever 21
Purse: Target (on sale for $8!)
Boots: DSW (Brand, Diba)

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  1. Hi pretty lady! I just found your blog.  I really like the mood of these shots - I like that it's not really that sunny but sort of peaceful and cloudy. You've got amaaaaazing eyes!  I like your more offbeat non traditional look. Keep at it!