Monday, October 11, 2010

Military Tuesday

Jacket: American Eagle(couple years old), Blue Collared Shirt: TJ Maxx, Jeans: Forever 21, Boots: River Island(UK Store), Gold Bracelet: Free People, Gold Necklace: Urban Outfitters

Makeup: Simple cream & navy

This outfit is actually from last week Tuesday, but I haven't gotten around to putting it up until now. I just had class in the morning and then went to an improv show at night.

I can't get enough of the military trend. I've been happy to see that it's still popular for next season. I love the colors within this trend too. Greens, browns, and blues(and sometimes black). That sentence reminded me of naming the vowels..anyone else? haha. Maybe I just need sleep. School has been pretty relentless lately. 

Well that's about it for this post. I have another outfit photographed and ready to be put up, and another I took a video of. Trying out some new ideas :)

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