Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Jacket: Marshalls(American Eagle), Thermal: Urban Outfitters, Cami: Charlotte Russe, Jeans: Forever 21, Scarf: Not sure(Express maybe), Boots: DSW(brand is Diba)

This outfit is from Sunday. I didn't go much of anywhere except to run some errands. It was pretty cold in Chicago so I suited up in long-sleeved thermal, scarf, boots, and leather jacket. 

Lots of my favorite fall trends are in this outfit.

Boots: I can't get enough of the milary boot look. I have quite a few pairs of boots so I can match any possible outfit of course!
Scarves: I have so many, yet I know once fall really rolls in, I'll be getting more. I love how this one added a nice pop of blue and matched my blue cami. I also came up with a different way to wear this scarf. It's pretty thin, but I wanted it to be a little bulkier so I wrapped it around my neck twice and sort of weaved the ends through the two layers.
Leather Jackets: Another trend I don't think I'll ever get sick of. I have a few of these too, and I can't help myself but to look at them every store I go to. I love the tough look they give, and this one's pretty warm too.

What's your favorite fall trend this year?

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