Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sheer Simplicity

For this outfit, the only thing I had preplanned was that I knew I wanted to wear these new boots I got at forever 21. I was SO excited to find some shearling boots for only $30! And forever 21 hardly ever has sizes higher than 7 or 8, and I'm a 9. This was literally the only 9 I saw in the entire giant forever 21. It was meant to be haha :) This olive shirt is the same as the blue one I wore a couple weeks ago. They're so comfortable and flowy and can easily be dressed up or down. And this one was only $5! Even better! 

This is my 'testing white balance' face apparently haha.

Top: H&M
Tank: American Eagle
Jeans: Forever 21
Boots: Forever 21
Rings: H&M

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Saving Favorites?

For some reason I've always had the habit of saving my favorite pieces until the right day..which turns into me trying to determine which day is "right" and I end up not wearing my favorites very often. For this outfit, I was getting pretty fed up with this habit and just decided to wear a bunch of my favorites at once because..well, why not? I bought this sweater at Zara at the beginning of January and I LOVE it, but this is the first time I wore because I was doing the weird saving-the-clothes-I-really-like thing. So I've decided to not put so much thought into what I'm wearing. If I like it, wear it! Sounds simple enough, right?

Chunky knits, leather paneled leggings, and fur cuffed socks.

I added a turquoise liner to my water line to give a bit of color to my otherwise neutral outfit :)

Not really outfit related, but I've been obsessed with the chapstick lately. By far, my favorite!

Sweater: Zara
Faux leather paneled leggings: Forever 21
Boots & socks: Hunter
Belt: Forever 21
Ring: Forever 21

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


This outfit is from last week sometime since I've been stuck inside most of this week due to the blizzard. I had yesterday and today's classes cancelled and they cancelled tomorrow too. Three days off! That's crazy! And it also means that I've hardly gone anywhere, so outfits have been more comfy than stylish. 

As I've said before, I wear a LOT of black. It's just easy and always in style. So, when I can work in a bright color, I always feel accomplished, and this red shirt is perfect to give a pop to any dreary day.

Also, apparently the only thing I could do with my face in these outfit photos was look down and smile...? Ha. Must remember to mix it up!

black winged eyeliner.

Again with the looking down and smiling. Jeez! 

Gray cardigan: Target
Shirt: Walmart
Jeans: Forever 21
Motorcycle boots: Boston Store
Jewelry: Forever 21